The Company / Offer

PPM-T, owing to its specialized staff, well-equipped workshops together with processing centres, specialist machines and its own rolling stock, provides services in the scope of:

  • repairs and renovation of railway statio,
  • hire of machines and equipment
  • repairs of machines for track work
  • repairs of sub-assemblies
  • repairs of small equipment
  • works relating to machining.

PPM-T provides full scope of specialist services relating to repairs, improvement and railway recreation through the effective usage of the human potential and in combination with the offer of rich machinery park.

Repairs and construction of the track structure

1.  Building and modernizing the track structure:

  • building new tracks and turnouts,
  • modernization of existing sectors of railway lines (sidings) – replacement of the track structure combined with modernization of the track geometry layout,
  • modernization of geometry system of the rail coupling – replacement of turnouts and track crossings,
  • building and modernization of railway/road crossings.

2.  Running repairs and maintenance of the track structure:

  • mechanical cleaning of the breakstone ballast,
  • mechanical track and turnout tamping with plane and profile regulation,
  • replacement of individual elements of the track structure,
  • corrections of fixing quality of the track structure elements,
  • running repairs and maintenance of railway/road crossings,
  • weeding of the railway lines,
  • maintenance of the fire service tracks,
  • assurance of continuity of the railway traffic by elimination of the following effects:
    • poor atmospheric conditions,
    • railway accidents.

3.  Building and modernization of the subgrade:

  • building of the subgrade of the new built sections of the railway lines and sidings,
  • modernization of the subgrade of existing railway lines sections and sidings and in particular:
    • building in the geosyntetics,
    • building and reconstructing the protecting layers.

4.  Building and modernization of dewatering system of the subgrade:

  • building new and modernization of existing dewatering lines (ground ditches, protected ditches, drainages, drain collectors, collectors),
  • reconstruction and reinforcement of the slopes.

5.  Full range of earthwork (embankments, excavations)

6.  Running repairs and maintenance of the subgrade:

  • elimination of local subgrade damages (splash-outs, heaves, etc.)
  • running maintenance of the draining systems.

7.  Running repairs and maintenance as well as periodical inspection of buildings of the railway infrastructure

8.  Preparation and activities connected with elevation and modernization of buildings of the railway infrastructure:

  • acting as a substitution investor,
  • elaboration of the building designs,
  • elaboration of design and engineering documentation,
  • geodetic service during track and subgrade works,
  • hire of machines and equipment needed for track works,

2.  Dispatching and transport of materials for railway surface and machines for track works,

  • ballast materials (breakstone, key aggregate, all-in aggregate),
  • concrete products (sleepers, switch sleepers, railway crossing plates, drain channels, platform walls),
  • wooden products (sleepers, switch sleepers),
  • steel products (rails, turnouts, turnout elements, accessories).
Hire of machines and equipment

Taking into consideration that our company is building and maintaining the track structures, we are equipped with full assortment of machines and equipment needed for such a kind of activity. We are offering you, among others, the following machines and equipment for hire accompanied by operators.


  • Track tamping machine type MD, PT, CSM
  • Turnout tamping machine type PLM, PR, UNIMAT
  • Ballast profiler type ZTU, USP
  • Subgrade bench profiler type PŁT
  • Track cleaner type OT
  • Railway cranes type EDK 300/5, EDK 750
  • Laying elevator type UK
  • Sleeper exchanger SVP
  • Industrial car WM-15
  • Loose material transporter TMS
  • Weeding train CHOT
  • Screening transporting train PTO-14


  • Rail driller PR-8
  • Rail grinder MP-12; S-150SH
  • Rail bolting machine ZS-4,5
  • Vibro-plates DSP; DPU
  • Stroke hammer BH-15


  • Bulldozers and crawler chain excavators
  • Sidewalk roller
  • Car elevators 10; 12; 16 ton
Repairs of machines for track works

The Pomerania Mechanical Track Company Ltd in Gdańsk is specialised in repairs of high-duty machines for track works and is offering its service in the field of the following Plasser & Theurer machines as well as of the Polish ones:

1.  Turnout tamping machines PLM, PR, UNIMAT :

  • Running repairs before and after the operating season
  • Inspection repairs of chassis
  • Routine repairs
  • Major repairs

2.  Track tamping machines type MD, PT, CSM :

  • Running repairs before and after the operating season
  • Inspection repairs of chassis
  • Routine repairs
  • Major repairs

3.  Ballast profiler type USP, ZTU 300 :

  • Running repairs before and after the operating season
  • Inspection repairs of chassis
  • Routine repairs
  • Major repairs

4.  Railway cranes type EDK300/5 :

  • Inspection repairs
  • Routine repairs
  • Major repairs

5.  Industrial cars type WM-10, WM-15 :

  • Running and inspection repairs
  • Routine repairs
  • Major repairs

6.  Ploughs and snow removal units type 411S, PSE :

  • Preparation to the winter season
  • Operating supervision during winter season

In response to the customer?s demand we are also carrying out damage repairs of the above mentioned machines in other scope – limited and indicated by the customer or only limited to the indicated assemblies.
We repair elevating units and pressure devices such as air holders and nitrogen hydraulic accumulators.
We carry out acceptance inspection by the Transport Technical Inspection ( we are in possession of rights NR TDT-N-61/01 ).

Repairs of subassemblies

In response to the customers’ demand who want to ensure operation continuity of their machines, the Pomerania Mechanical Track Company Ltd in Gdańsk carry out repairs of damaged assemblies after which were taken out from the track machines and sent to us and especially:

  1. Tamping units U21.200 for machines type MD, PT
  2. Tamping units W23.100 for machines type PLM, PR
  3. Lifting-shifting units for machines type MD, PT
  4. Lifting-shifting units for machines type PLM, PR
  5. Gearboxes AK 6-80
  6. Differential – distributing gears UD64.300
  7. Final drives 2E71.00
  8. Reversing gears P-10 for WM-15
  9. Reversing gears for industrial cars WM-10
  10. Drive gears ZT-
  11. Drive units for machines type MD, PT, PLM, PR

Moreover we carry out regeneration of

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for machines of all types
  • Tamper levels for machines type MD, PT, PLM, PR, CSM
  • Bodies of tamping and shifting units
  • Inspection repairs of hydraulic accumulators ? acceptance by Transport Technical Inspection KDT
  • Inspection repairs of davits on industrial cars – acceptance by KDT
  • Repairs and regeneration of other parts and assemblies acc. to indications or need of the customer.
Repairs of small equipment

Having the knowledge of assortment of small equipment which is in possession of repair and track structure maintenance works as well as basing on our knowledge on the scope of their repair needs, we are offering our service for the following devices:

  1. Power driller PR-8
  2. Power tamper Pionjär 120, Pionjär 130, Pionjär 150
  3. Grinders MP-12, MC-2
  4. Mechanical bolting machine ZM-2SH
  5. Power bolting machine ZS-4,5B (change of the motor S101 into HONDA)
  6. Power driller WS-34C
  7. Power driller WSH34-SH
  8. Adjustment and repair of the motor BERNARD 249
  9. Other equipment in the range of running inspections, adjustments and damage repairs

Moreover we are offering you

General-purpose Track Gauge type MHA-N – catalogue Nr TU04.00
This is our own product developed by our Design and Engineering Department. The gauge has been successfully produced since 1987. After introducing certain engineering changes into the production process it has become a positive opinion and a certificate of the Scientific Centre of the Railway Technology in Warsaw and is admitted to operate by the Polish National Railways.

At the same time we are assuring a full scope of service repairs and access to spare parts which are continuously produced.

Machining works

Having very good equipped workshops with a set of special machine tools, which enable carrying out even most difficult and demanding engineering processes we are offering a wide scope of service in machining.

1.  Turning

  • Carried out on conventional lathes
  • Carried out on NC lathes
  • Machining of ordinary and alloy steels, stainless steels, bronzes and of other materials – own or supplied by the customer.
  • Length of turning max 2000 mm ; swing over bed ? 570 mm

2.  Milling

  • Surface milling
  • Milling of inclined surfaces
  • Milling of castings, housings and bodies dimensions being 630x200x360 mm
  • Milling of straight and skew bevel gears ?max 500 mm; m max = 8
  • Milling of wormwheels

3.  Grinding

  • Grinding of gears
  • Grinding of shafts
  • Internal grinding
  • Surface grinding

4.  Boring

5.  Heat and thermochemical treatment

  • Quenching and toughening of steel
  • Carbonizing

Basing on our technological potential and long year experience we can offer versatile help in regeneration and production of spare parts ac. to your documentation or on our own one.

Moreover we area offering

  • Service in the plumber’s and assembly works,
  • Electric and gas welding,
  • Cutting of bars with face milling and drilling the centres,
  • Cutting of metal plates th max 14mm.